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bleach 541 Spoilers - bleach 541 chapter
The Quincy moves are heavily based around german properties so the Swastika could be seen as foreshadow that this was always going to happen. Also I never said Quincies have Bankai’s I’m purely thrown it out there that Juha might have been a Shinigami before he was a Quincy…think about it like sort of how Lucifer was an angel before he became the devil. So it wouldn’t be that much of a surprise if Juha had Shinigami powers as well it would explain why he ages slowly and perhaps just perhaps the abilities Ichigo has been using ‘Tensa Zangetsu’ where all originally abilities Juha could use. Anyway I know this is confusing but people you need to realize that this whole revelation has just been revealed there’s been no explaining yet so before you all start shouting “Kubo’s trolling us” or “This is stupid Bleach makes no sense” at least wait until you see Kubo’s explanation to why the young Juha has been posing as Zangetsu. I’m sure it wall all start to make sense so just wait until Ichigo and Young Juhabach’s confrontation.

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