Bleach 539 Manga | Bleach 539 Scans

If you are bleach manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for bleach 539. But as we knew, bleach manga 632 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the bleach 539 spoiler, bleach 539 raw, bleach 539 scans, bleach 539 English chapter and Summaries.
bleach 539 scans
I don’t know if it makes sense for Ichigo’s Zan spirit to resemble Juhabach, just because he’s descended from him. Given how many generations have passed between them, they’re very, very distant relatives. But then we haven’t actually seen many Zan spirits in the manga. That Muramasa arc wasn’t canon, and given Zabimaru’s complete redesign I’m inclined to say nothing in that arc is even related to the canon. So we don’t know what kind of rules apply for the appearance of Zan spirits. The only other example as far as I can remember is Zabimaru, who obviously doesn’t look anything like Renji’s ancestors, unless we’re talking about his ancient forefathers before man evolved from ape, lol. But of course, conventional rules don’t really apply to Ichigo.

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