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naruto 631 manga
For this very reason I really liked when Kakashi repeats the words that Obito said to him in the gaiden, but most of all when after that he adds that he who does not honor the memory of their comrades dead is the worst of all.
But what I liked most of all of their exchange of views is when Kakashi says that running away from the memories your pain does not dim. After reading this affirmation I immediately thought of Gaara, to the fact that his father even though he had the best intentions took away the love of his mother (when he forced his uncle to lie to him, saying that his mother never loved him), weakened him as a result, because it took away his only lifeline, his only strength. Infact with his behavior Obito (or even Gaara in the past) isolates himself more and more, He remains always more lonely, and the loneliness only increase the pain you feel, increasing in that way even more the hole in the heart. When Kakashi told him that to plug that hole you need the help of the others I immediately thought about what Gaara’s uncle said to Gaara when he made the speech about on the wound of the heart, when that would can only be healed thanks to the love the one receives from the others. Incidentally this is the same concept that have said Mito to Kushina or even the previous Hachibi’s jinchurichi to A.

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