Naruto 616 English | Naruto 616 Confirmed

What’s up, i’m sure you are searching for naruto 616. But as we knew, naruto manga 616 will be there on the regular time.
naruto 616 confirmed
I’ve actually been reading older chapters of the manga to try to get clues on what Sasuke could learn during his current journey and came across some interesting things that I’ve overlooked. When Sasuke is asking his mother why Itachi was mad at Fugaku, she says “It is your father’s duty to protect the clan.” It may not mean much, but I find it interesting how she worded that. That they are at odds because of how Fugaku chose to “protect” the Uchiha. She didn’t say “help them prosper/maintain/regain strength.” She said protect. Protect them from what? Also, when Itachi is being questioned by the 3 Uchiha wondering about Shisui’s death, it’s mentioned by Fugaku that they can investigate anyone in the village except ANBU, because they report directly to the Kage. That’s pretty secretive. And it’s a decision that came from the same guy that created both ANBU and the Uchiha Police Force. It goes farther to show Tobirama’s distrust of the clan. Distrust, and probably fear…fear of all that power. Yet Tobirama had an Uchiha on his team; I wonder what that relationship was like? Will we ever find out? So many questions. Please, please let the scene shift soon. like that’ll happen. Sorry. Got hysterical there for a moment. I’m afraid we’re in this battle for the long haul. I’m curious as to the origins of the coup; frankly, I think they were probably spurred into it and then betrayed. Who was behind it all? Madara, who wanted revenge? Obito, who wanted to stockpile eyes to forward his goal and didn’t care about anything else, even his family? Danzou, who was wary of the Uchiha power and was also into collecting sharingan? None of the above? It’s a classic whodunnit.

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One thought on “Naruto 616 English | Naruto 616 Confirmed

  1. It could be something to do woth orochimaru also i forget what sasuke said exactly but he said something anout orochimaru knowing everything…

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