Naruto 664 – Hopeless

naruto 664 manga

naruto 664

Naruto 664 Prediction-Hopeless
Tobirama: !? *Who is that?*
Two hands start healing Sasuke’s back
Opening panel shows Kabuto on his knees healing him.
Tobirama: Who are you?
Kabuto: I’m Kabuto Yakushi, nothing more, nothing less. *it took my a while to realize, but Itachi was right after all, I wasn’t meant to be someone else, I was meant to do this, and now I see why*
Tobirama: It’s too late, your medical ninjutsu won’t save him at this point.
Kabuto: You’ve been gone for a long time second hokage, you underestimate this generation.
Sasuke coughs out blood
Kabuto: Wake up, we have work to do.
Sasuke’s eye starts to open and we see a few rings
Madara crashes right in the middle of Obito and Kakashi/Minato
Black Zetsu: Hahaha you really do make everyone look like ants compared to you.
Madara: It’s not my fault they’re all weak
Kakashi: This chakra..did he absorb the 10 tails?
Minato: Most likely, he looks exactly like Obito did but more in control.
Obito: How…did you become the juubi’s jinchuriki so quickly..
Madara: You started the project early, I was just doing what should have been done in the first place. That’s what happens when you don’t listen to adults boy.
Obito: Fuck you
Madara: Hmm
Madara goes to grab his eye
Minato: Kakashi, you have enough chakra?
Kakashi: Yea
Minato: Do it
Kakashi: KAMUI!
As Madara is being warped he suddenly vanishes
He appears behind Minato and Kakashi and puts his hands on the back of their heads
Madara: That level of ninjutsu will no longer work against me
Minato quickly tries to jab his kunai into the left hand of Madara that’s holding Kakashi’s head
Madara: !
Madara releases his head
Minato: Flying Thunder God!
Minato and Madara dissapear
Minato teleports all the way back to Konoha on his statue with Madara
Madara: I see..Tobirama’s jutsu, you’re certainly faster than him however…
Minato: …?
Madara grabs his neck
Minato: Gah..
Madara: Are you trying to buy time? I’ve heard about the yellow flash of the leaf from Obito, the famous “flee on sight” shinobi..but im curious…
Madara gives looks him right in the eye
Madara: What happens if you don’t flee.
Minato: *Shit..sorry second*
Tobirama: *!? I see…eh, do it.*
Minato/Tobirama: Space time swap!
Minato switches places with Tobirama.
Tobirama is face to face with Madara and he spits in Madara’s face
Madara: ……
Tobirama smiles
Madara: Izanaginami!
Tobirama blows up in dust
Madara: Now, back to work.
Gaara: !? There
Minato: !? Naruto what happened?
Sakura: Kabuto!?? and Sasuke?
Scene switches back to Spiral Zetsu
White Zetsu: What now.
Spiral Zetsu: It’s strange, that thing Orochimaru just did…
White Zetsu: ?
Spiral Zetsu claps his hands and the buddha starts increasing in size
Hiruzen: What? He’s making the statue increase in power…the only way he could do that is….
White Zetsu: Ohhh don’t tell me…he knows who you are
Spiral Zetsu: Yeah, and he gave me a nice gift as well.
Onoki: This is…even bigger than Madara’s…
Tsunade: Impossible…
Spiral Zetsu: This sage chakra was definitely what I needed.
White Zetsu: Does this mean..
Spiral Zetsu: Yeah
Last panel shows Karin, Suigetsu and Juugo with Orochimaru behind them with his hands together in sage mode
Spiral Zetsu: He’s still the same.
Chapter end.

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Bleach 568 | Bleach 568 Spoiler

Welcome! Enjoy scanning of bleach 568 spoiler. We are pleasured to provide to you the greatest manga experience ever so do not forget to take a peek everyday to us for the newest and hottest manga chapter updates. Well, that was weird. I didn’t expect kubo to take the “my ability perfectly counters yours” approach for this fight.

bleach 568 manga

bleach 568

I honestly thought the fight would be a tad longer and that it would end with rukia using her own bankai. Even if the next chapter supposedly has nodt remisniscing odds are he is still going to go volstandig. Its kinda useless at this point though, his ability won’t work on rukia if he goes volstandig either, its not an issue of volume or amount of power. It also seems like the thorns are not necessarily nodt’s holy arrows… I honestly thought the thorns were his holy arrows that carried his poison. Then again if that was the case then his ability would be kinda pointless as it would imply he was causing his enemies fear when he could have just as easily been wounding them. I am not sure I get what the practical points of rukia’s ability are though. How would her ability work againts others? Would she channel ice through her body? Is her death like state simply an application of her ability rather than its actual purpose? Hopefully rukia gets at least one more fight. Well, she was defeated by someone else before, perhaps she might get to have her revenge on that person. And odds are she did get the name of her bankai told to her. On a more possitive note the manga has presented an scenario where someone who isn’t rukia would also be immune to nodt’s ability. Komamura was also in the temporarily dead area so he would naturally also be immune to fear.

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One Piece 738 | One Piece 738 Spoiler

Welcome! Enjoy scanning of one piece 738 spoiler. We are pleasured to provide to you the greatest manga experience ever so do not forget to take a peek everyday to us for the newest and hottest manga chapter updates. It seems odd though that Blackbeard would send Burgess if he was not confident that he could win though.

one piece 738 manga

one piece 738

They aren’t playing for some petty or replacable prize, Ace’s fruit is sort of a big deal and Blackbeard knows this first hand. Losing it may not be a giant blow to him since it’s not as if the winner would definitely become a threat to him (he beat Ace at full power), but it seems like quite an asset to trust one of your average fighters to obtain. I think Sabo is simply THAT strong, a stronger fighter than even Blackbeard would have expected to show up at this tournament because Burgess is no joke. I believe Burgess’ purpose here is to show us how strong Sabo is (geez, people were guessing he’s Admiral level). He’ll get rid of that fat bastard and then clash in one on one with Hira Hira no Mi user and pull off a hard victory! Just a little theory: We know, Aokiji is in these matters. Though in the course of plot we could forget Aokiji for now. What if he works with or for Revolutionary Army? What if he knew about who’s coming to Dressrosa from RA? What if he knew Sabo from his cooperation with RA? And so what if he knew about him and Luffy – been told their past by Sabo and kind of decided on this outcome? Or partook in it? And told Blackbeard to send Burgess because he knew they would be able to beat him – not with ease but beat him?

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Naruto 664 | Naruto 664 Spoiler

Welcome! Enjoy scanning of naruto 664 spoiler. We are pleasured to provide to you the greatest manga experience ever so do not forget to take a peek everyday to us for the newest and hottest manga chapter updates. Few things that was really really amazing/different Karin power very much related to kushina o my god cool (well now my previous pridiction must be true Sakura kiss to naruto well not in a good way but ok narusaku fan this should a good gift for you who was in that mask we only manages to see his ear so is he human ??

naruto 664 manga

naruto 664

lets see very difficult to pridict but i will disscuss this later what in the world oruchimaru’s idea/plan i mean he is definetly more dangerous than madara. He is also hiding something and also some thing about karin (atleast we know this much) madara uchiha no wait sage of the six path with only one eye :P (ok just kidding) well this much when our all kage’s all hokages and 2 powerfull sinobi is not with full power lets see what can be done last who is that suspicious man/woman ok so answer time u can read my previous post i am happy finally naruto win in this perticular thing(sakura’s 1st kiss) ok that mask man there are so many possiblties a) madara’s younger brother b) 1st hokage regenerated/clone c) i really dont know may be rekodu senin who is manupulating madara well it is really diffficult to predict ( expect them all are on the field ) he is for sure wanted to read uchiha’s tablet want to return his mom and dad or whom ever he love and to do this he needs rennigan (well i dont know he used karin to serve sasuke what else can be the purpose) well we are missing some one in this think now ok this is the question i really want to give my pridiction i know u all are going to think i am mad but wait predicting naruto u should be mad about it So The Answer is Jiraiya well i am very much sure about it how in the sanin can be died so easily well this is the perfect time to send jiraiya on the field why bare footed may be he was doing training to make his body back do u remeber that there was suspicious written who else can be especially who we already know see 1st and 2nd no , kages no, karin and other well what will be the suspicious then, his brother no way , kabuto may be possible well if this is colour we can say :P , who else we know and not on the field only jiraiya is the one we dont see any death proof well i know he was in the deep sea but guys he is sage jiraiya it can be possible that some frog helped him well if u know any other who was not on the field and with full power.

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Naruto 663 | Naruto 663 Spoiler

Welcome! Enjoy scanning of naruto 663 spoiler. We are pleasured to provide to you the greatest manga experience ever so do not forget to take a peek everyday to us for the newest and hottest manga chapter updates.

naruto 663 manga

naruto 663

Well do u think this can happen i believe that sasuke can get rinnegan. ur question how? so answer is simple To get rinnegan u must have both uchiha and senju bloodline and sasuke has one advantage of having uchiha and other is completed by kirin. do u all remember how kirin heal sasuke. he bit he hand that means that he has both uchiha and senju power/ blood. 2nd point 1hokage give some power to sasuke again complete 3rd pointhe is suffering right now that means he can activate it also u may ask how is he going to survive so my answer is sont underestimate oruchimaru well about naruto i dont know may he will die and then revived by sasuke through power of rinnegan or sakura will use the same jutsu that was used by granny chiro (who saved gaara) and dont worry sakura will not die with this beacuse naruto is still alive and then sasuke fight with madara again but no change madara will get upper hand again and then he give rinnegan to naruto and then he will bring full power of rinnegan ( dont worry sasuke can be revived again) well this is what in my mind there so many other things also but it will be better if we moved to our main question so my question is what kuruma told to gaara and will there be any relation with his other part. i mean minato still contain 1/2 of kuruma part which can be highly useful what in the world is oruchimaru’s plan any idea any hint and do u think that he want to read the uchiha tablet to revive his mon and dad and other members (not with reanimation but like rinnegan power) i mean till now every one end is good so far

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One Piece 737 | One Piece 737 Spoiler

Welcome! Enjoy scanning of one piece 737 spoiler. We are pleasured to provide to you the greatest manga experience ever so do not forget to take a peek everyday to us for the newest and hottest manga chapter updates.

one peice 737 manga

one peice 737

My predictions for the next chapters So we have Pica (his DF may be a Myth Zoan and work in similar way to Sengoku’s Fruit, both alter size and give a huge boost in power) i think Zoro may stay to fight him while Luffy goes for DD. but there is something that is preventing Luffy from beating DD and that is Fujitora, so for him to leave the Palace there has to happen something really important (my wild guess would be some of Kaido crew top tier member show up in the city to kill DD and Fujitora has to go defeat them leaving DD alone). Also Kin’emon disappear so he may go after Kanjuro, we know that when someone is turned into a toy everyone forgets about them, so since Kin’emon is always referring to him that means that DD is keeping him prisoner for unknown purposes. Baby 5, Buffalo and Gladius are wild cards, they are with DD (at least 2 of them are) and there is no one to fight them when Luffy reaches DD, Violet couldnt take the 3 of them maybe 1 but not 3(Kin’emon disappear and Zoro may stay behind fighting Pica). I dont think we will see Sunny gang so soon.(wild guess here the one who will fight Sanji is gonna be Jimbe, he is gonna defeat Sanji and take Caesar to make a deal with Big Mom to leave his crew and FI.) As for Usopp and Robin i dont know how they can defeat Trebol since he is most likely a Logia (probably Sap Fruit or maybe he is a Zoan Snail) and they dont have Haki my guess here is they defeat Sugar by suprise and the Fighters from the CC will defeat him ( maybe Don Chinjao) As for Franky i dont think he will finish his battle with the 2 DD crew members he probably will use the marine distraction to get inside the factory. I would say that Sabo has KHaki since he evades that Fighting Fish and he seems to be with his back turned to the water. Oda may have Diamante defeat JB just so we can see his power, then it will be 3vs1, Diamante will take Barto and Rebecca down eventually leaving Sabo alone and Sabo is gonna win in the end. When Toy Soldier is about to be destroyed by Lao G, Sugar is defeated and he reverts back to human (he is for certain Kyros) defeating Lao G.

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Bleach 567 | Bleach 567 Spoiler

Welcome! Enjoy scanning of bleach 567 spoiler. We are pleasured to provide to you the greatest manga experience ever so do not forget to take a peek everyday to us for the newest and hottest manga chapter updates.

bleach 567 manga

bleach 567

I figured Rukia would be the one to fight him instead of Byakuya having a rematch, because if Byakuya is indeed getting a Renji/Rukia sized power up, then As Nodt would be no kind of competition. I’m curious as to how Rukia’s countering the fear ability (might be kidou related?). Byakuya powered through it with resolve, but didn’t actually FULLY overcome it. I also wonder if As Nodt really does still have Byakuya’s Bankai based on what he said during his entrance (mocking Byakuya by crying for Senbonzakura).I didn’t expect this but its gonna be good. Thank goodness Kubo avoided the horrible cliche of Rukia vs Bambi girls. I DON’T expect Byakuya to show up and save her. This is HER time. But As Nodt is gonna be tough to take down. I hope his Vollstandig looks different from the others. And I hope he doesn’t lose TOO fast cause he’s my second favourite SR after Kirge.
As for Renji I think his time is up. He already had his big fight but more importantly, showed his new Ban Kai. If he hadn’t done that I would be positive of his chances. Going by what NaNaNa was saying his power could have something to do with observation? That giant visor on his face could be more than a fashion statement. This is also like the 3rd time he’s been seen “with” As Nodt. Kubo seems to like portraying these 2 and Bazz-B together so he might not be far off either.

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Naruto Manga 663 Prediction: Cruel Reality

naruto 663 manga

naruto 663

Naruto Manga 663 Prediction: Cruel Reality

Minato is shown on the first page with shocked face, as Kurama is behind him.

Minato: “This… This feeling… It can’t be!”
Kurama: “I’m afraid that it can… My other half was extracted and Naruto is going… to die!”


Minato: “Kakashi! I have to leave this to you! Naruto is in big, big trouble. Madara extracted Kurama’s other half from him.”
Kakashi: “Extracted? So that’s why the Gedo Mazo came out of Obito, it was summoned by that bastard Madara…”
Minato: “Gedo Mazo? You mean that strange statue?”
Obito: “Sensei… listen to me…”


Obito: “Go… and save Naruto. Kakashi… can handle… this. I believe… in him.”
Black Zetsu: “Stop resisting, that Kakashi guy won’t hurt me until I’m in your body! The Kyuubi’s Jinchuriki is going to die, there’s nothing you can do about it!”

Minato is shown with angry expression, looking at Black Zetsu that’s in Obito’s almost lifeless body.


Minato: “I’ll take care of you later. I’ll save Naruto, and then I’ll save Obito. Kakashi, I’ll be back, take care of him while I’m away!”
Kakashi: “Right… Go and save Naruto.”
Black Zetsu: “So be it, Fourth Hokage. Come fast, will you? I want to have some more fun until I retrieve Madara-sama’s other eye.”

Obito gets on his feet, possessed completely by Black Zetsu.


Minato disappears, as he seems to have teleported himself to Naruto’s place.

Kakashi: “Now it’s only me and you. I’ll kill you and release Obito from your control!”
Black Zetsu: “Give me your shot!”
Obito: “Kakashi… We must… cooperate… Look into my Sharingan!”

Kakashi and Obito’s Sharingans are shown connected.


Minato appears on Gaara’s sand where Naruto and Sakura are, as Sakura is shown giving her best in order to heal Naruto.

Minato: “How is Naruto doing?”
Sakura: “It’s no good, I don’t have enough chakra… What in the world happened to him anyway?”
Minato: “The Kyuubi was extracted from his body!”


Sakura: “!!”

Sakura is shown with shocked expression on her face, as she’s getting more concentrated.

Sakura: “I see… So Madara’s trying to revive that thing again… In that case, I’ll do anything to save Naruto, even if I lose my own life!”


Minato: “You don’t have to do this… Tomorrow is Naruto’s birthday, as his father, I have to give him something as a present… The original plan was to combine both halves of Kurama so he can use the maximum of that power, but now the only thing that can save him is to give him the other half of Kurama, my half.”
Kurama: “So you’re going to do it anyway…”


Sakura: “But… that’s…”
Minato: “Yes, I’ll lose a lot of my power, but that’s the only thing we can do to save Naruto. He’s more important than me, he’s the savior of this world.”

Naruto is shown slowly opening his eyes.

Naruto: “Dad… Sakura-chan…”

PAGE 10:

Sakura: “Naruto! Don’t talk, not yet!”
Naruto: “I… can’t feel him…. his presence… he’s gone…”

Naruto and Sakura are shown both crying.

PAGE 11:

Minato: “It’s almost time for your birthday, my son… and for my gift. I’ll transfer my half of Kurama into you so I can save you. It’s up to you to save the other half though.”
Naruto: “Dad…”
Minato: “Sakura, I want you to keep healing Naruto… until I prepare the technique to seal Kurama in Naruto!”

PAGE 12:

Scene switches to Sasuke’s lifeless body, as he’s shown panting heavily.

Madara: “Such a pity…”

Madara attempts to walk away, as Sasuke is shown rising slowly.

Sasuke: “Wait… It can’t end… like this…”

PAGE 13:

Madara: “Impressive… you still have the strenght for this… You’re an Uchiha who have awakened the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan after all.”
Sasuke: “I… won’t let you… destroy what my brother… died to protect… I’ll change… this twisted system… and that… foolish reality…”

PAGE 14:

Madara: “What do you know about that reality, kid? You’re talking a lot, but you’re merely a corpse. Well, perhaps you can feel how cruel the reality is right now. You’ve lost your brother… and it looks like you’ve lost much more that that, am I right? I’ll make you feel even more, what the reality is… What a waste.”

Madara activates his Susanoo and prepares to attack Sasuke with multiple Yasaka Magatamas.

PAGE 15:

Sasuke: “No… I…”

Sasuke collapses, as Madara shoots the Magatamas at his direction, when suddenly Triple Rashomon appears to block the projectiles.

Madara: “Rashomon? Is it Hashirama… No… Who are you?”

PAGE 16:

Orochimaru lands near Sasuke, as Juugo, Suigetsu and Karin are shown behind him, taking care of Sasuke.

Karin: “Sasuke! His life force is really fading away fast, we have to do something about it!”
Orochimaru: “The legendary Madara Uchiha… It’s a honor for me to meet you, my name is Orochimaru.”
Madara: “Orochimaru, huh? What does that Uchiha hatchling mean to you, why are you protecting him?”

PAGE 17:

Orochimaru: “This Uchiha hatchling… The new path that Sasuke chose… It’s something that I think is worthy to protect. That’s why I won’t let you to harm him anymore, even if I die in the process.”
Suigetsu: “Orochimaru-sama! Sasuke’s really bad, we need to do something!”
Orochimaru: “Take him to Tsunade, you have to go away from here. I’ll take care of Madara.”

PAGE 18:

Madara: “Brat, are you underestimating me? I’ll show you how cruel this reality is, don’t stand in my way!”
Orochimaru: “You know, I was once a selfish snake, just like you. But now I know something very important… That’s why I won’t let you do as you please, let’s finish this!”

Madara and Orochimaru are shown facing each other in the last panel.


Chapter 663/END

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